Big Road Scooters

Browse our 6-8mph scooter range. These scooters come with big batteries which give you more power and miles.

Compact boot scooters, Medium pavement scooters,

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    Approved Used Kymco Agility (12 Months Warranty)

    £1,799.00 With VAT Relief
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    Approved Used Excel Galaxy 2

    8mph | Fully Serviced | 2x 85Ah batteries | 35 Miles | Class 3 | Rear Basket
    £1,499.00 With VAT Relief
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    Approved Used Quingo Vitess 2 (Fully Serviced, Sensors + Rearview Camera)

    NEW Chassis Mounted Basket. New easy reach front shopping basket position mounted directly to the chassis meaning steering remains light and is unaffected by heavier loads = LIGHTER STEERING UNDER LOAD NEW Tri-Wheel Steering & Stability. All models enjoy the Quintell 5 wheel stability system. This now upgraded smoother, lighter, World Patent protected technology provides excellent ergonomic posture control, improved stability, safer cornering dynamics, confined space agility and superb kerb handling = AGILITY & STABILITY ALL IN ONE NEW Q-Cam™Rear View Camera Option. The ‘always-on’ Q-Cam™ shows obstacles such as children, pets & shoppers, even when they’re in mirror blind spots. Just as vital when travelling forwards or backwards. Optional on both Vitess 2 and Toura 2 = SAFETY & PROTECTION
    £1,899.00 £1,499.00 With VAT Relief
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    Approved Used Drive Sportsrider (New Charger)

    8mph | 31 Miles | 28.5 st weight capacity | 2x 100Ah Batteries | New Charger | Fully Serviced
    £1,399.00 With VAT Relief
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    Approved Used Strider Maxi 4 (New Batteries, New Charger)

    8mph | 35 Miles | 31st weight capacity | 2x 80ah batteries | New charger | New Batteries | Fully Serviced
    £899.00 With VAT Relief