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    Drive 3 Wheel Aluminium Triwalker

    £79.00 With VAT Relief
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    Able 2 Pocket Med AM/PM

    Securely hold pills and help to maintain an AM/PM medication regimen with this pocket sized daily pill container. Conveniently hold and organize your pills or vitamins to help manage a twice-a-day medication regiment with The AM/PM Pocket Med Pack. Securely hold pills and keep them safe within a drawer or while on the go with the two-pocket design and easy snap lids. Id
    £1.91 With VAT Relief
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    PT Bed Cane

    The PT BedCane makes it easy to sit up, and get in-and-out of bed. It s great for those who have back pain, recovering from surgery, or simply just need a little extra support while getting in-and-out of bed.
    £97.33 With VAT Relief
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    Flexyfoot Ferrule

    £9.99 With VAT Relief
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    Able 2 Table Mats

    StayPut by Isagi PER®formance Individual Table Mats maintain all the features and qualities of the unique pressure sensitive, non slip PER®formance fabric, pre-cut into large tablemats with rounded corners.
    £2.07 With VAT Relief
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    Drive Genesis Rollator

    £120.00 With VAT Relief
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    7 day Detach N’ Go

    Take your daily medication with you on the go with this detachable pill organizer. Designed to offer you complete flexibility, the 7-Day Detach N' Go Pill Organizer helps you never miss a day of medication. The snap-on lids form a tight seal to keep medication secure and each compartment interlocks to form a full week or detaches for individual days.
    £5.49 With VAT Relief
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    Bed Backrest

    Powder coated strong frame covered in breathable nylon fabric with pillow. Adjustable in height.
    £37.49 With VAT Relief
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    Cane Stay

    £6.99 With VAT Relief
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    Able 2 Rotating Reacher

    This reacher with the rotating clamp is ideal for individual tasks, just rotate the clamp to suit the job in hand. Easy to operate with the pistol style grip, also the reacher only weighs 260g so its very light to use, length 787mm (31").
    £14.99 With VAT Relief
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    Kymco Super 8

    £1,600.00 With VAT Relief
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    Ultra Pill Crusher

    he ergonomic triangle shape of the Ultra Pill Crusher is designed for easy handling. It turns pills into powder for easy swallowing, and is easy to clean. The Ultra Pill Crusher is specifically designed for those suffering from weakened grip or arthritis.
    £4.99 With VAT Relief