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    Approved Used Quingo Vitess 2 (Fully Serviced, Sensors + Rearview Camera)

    NEW Chassis Mounted Basket. New easy reach front shopping basket position mounted directly to the chassis meaning steering remains light and is unaffected by heavier loads = LIGHTER STEERING UNDER LOAD NEW Tri-Wheel Steering & Stability. All models enjoy the Quintell 5 wheel stability system. This now upgraded smoother, lighter, World Patent protected technology provides excellent ergonomic posture control, improved stability, safer cornering dynamics, confined space agility and superb kerb handling = AGILITY & STABILITY ALL IN ONE NEW Q-Cam™Rear View Camera Option. The ‘always-on’ Q-Cam™ shows obstacles such as children, pets & shoppers, even when they’re in mirror blind spots. Just as vital when travelling forwards or backwards. Optional on both Vitess 2 and Toura 2 = SAFETY & PROTECTION
    £1,899.00 £1,499.00 With VAT Relief
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    Compact Aluminium Tri Wheel Walker

    Available in Silver and Blue.
    £83.33 With VAT Relief
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    Scooter Cape

    £49.99 With VAT Relief
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    Bed Backrest

    Powder coated strong frame covered in breathable nylon fabric with pillow. Adjustable in height.
    £37.49 With VAT Relief
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    One Touch Can Opener

    Opens round cans of all types with just one push of a button ! Place the can opener on the can and the device automatically adjusts to the size. Pressure is not necessary; One push of the button and the can opener automatically does the rest. The can opener will stop when the can is opened. Once opener the cover is fixed by a magnet and is easy to remove . Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
    £25.99 With VAT Relief
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    Long Handled Dustpan and Brush

    The long handle means you don't have to bend down which really takes the backache out of cleaning. 865 x 240 x 190mm (34" x 9" x 7") Colours may vary.
    £20.57 With VAT Relief
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    One Touch EZ Can Opener

    It is the Ultimate 6-in-1 multi-kitchen-tool functions! The One Touch E-Z Can Opener is a revolutionary new tool that redefines the way cans are opened. It is suitable for all ages and arthritis sufferers.
    £15.66 With VAT Relief
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    Anti Slip Trays

    £12.99£14.99 With VAT Relief
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    Long Handled Toe Nail Scissors

    The moulded finger and thumb grip on these Toenail scissors allow easier gripping and greater leverage. The extended shank gives extra reach for those who have difficulty bending, and the long loop handle allows strength and control of the whole hand being used.
    £12.32 With VAT Relief
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    Tabletop Fingernail Clipper

    The Table Top Finger Nail Clipper is mounted on a plastic base with non-slip feet. The large finger pad provides comfort and good leverage. The stainless steel clipper has a curved edge.
    £11.32 With VAT Relief
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    Able 2 Fabric Rolls

    £7.24£11.24 With VAT Relief
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    Walking Frame Net Bag

    £9.16 With VAT Relief

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