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Stairlift Servicing

At Premier Mobility aftercare is a top priority and we know what a difference regular stairlift servicing can make to the performance of your stairlift. We know how essential stairlifts are for the people that use them and you shouldn’t be without use of your stairlift any longer than can be helped.

It’s recommended that stairlifts are serviced every 12 months to keep them in proper working order. If you notice a change to the performance of your stairlift, or it begins making concerning sounds you should carry out a service so any issues can be repaired before further damage may be caused.

We offer a wide range of services including servicing, extended warranty on new parts, mobility scooters, stairlifts.

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We do sell used stairlifts. A stairlift is a bespoke product so they are subject to availability. This doesn't mean we might not have some in stock and ready to go. The main upside of a used stairlift is that they can be half the price of a brand new one. However, even though we will service it to a top level we can't give it the same 1-year warranty of the brand new range All our used approved stairlift range are serviced and inspected thoroughly. This is carried out by our in-house engineers before making it to our showrooms.

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All the mobility scooters parts we use are genuine, new and high-quality mobility scooter parts. We supply our parts from certified suppliers. Not only do we supply mobility scooter parts, but we also offer to fit them as an extra service. We are happy to quote with or without fitting although we always recommend an experienced expert fits the parts. If you don't choose us for your replacement parts always make sure you find out if the parts are new or used. The mobility market is notorious for rouge traders always do your research!
All our stairlifts are pre-made to measure. Our engineers will carry out an initial free survey at your home.
  • A new straight stairlift can take from a day to a week maximum once the client is happy to order.
  • A used straight stairlift can take from a day to a week maximum dependant on available stock.
  • Curve stairlifts, it can take up to 6-8 weeks as it's made to measure according to the design of your stairs.
If you have any questions about this product. Please get in touch on 0115 944 3838 or book online.
We do buy used stairlifts through our Buy Back Scheme. The purchase of the used stairlifts is subject to its model, age, and condition. Call out for a quote is subject to 30 miles radius from our Ilkeston showroom or our Woodseats showroom. Typically we can give you a quote over the phone. If the stairlift does not have a resale value we may charge to take it out the property. there would be zero charges If you are disposing of a used stairlift to replace it with one of our new or used approved range. We might be able to offer an exchange price subject to its model, age, and condition. any further questions about used stairlifts, contact us by clicking the chat icon. Call us on 0800 3689923 or visit one of our showrooms.

Pricing Table

  • Mobility Scooter Service  £45
  • Stairlift Service £70
  • Call out diagnostics & 30 min Labour (Mobility Scooter) £30
  • Call out diagnostics & 30 min Labour (Stair lift) £90
  • In-store diagnostics £22.50 (30 mins Labour)
  • 1 hour Labour £45

If you have any questions about this product. Please get in touch on 0115 944 3838